23 Apr 2019 Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai, UAE


Content owners seek 360-degree protection as consumption habits of pirated content in the MENA region evolve. Recent research shows that laptops remain the favoured device for consuming pirated video content for a whopping 33% of respondents in the GCC.

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Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai, UAE 23 Apr 2019

Combating Content piracy

Content owners seek 360-degree protection as consumption habits of pirated content in the MENA region evolve. Recent research shows that laptops remain the favoured device for consuming pirated video content for a whopping 33% of respondents in the GCC.

As the regional industry suffers an estimated $500m loss each year, there is critical need for end-to-end piracy control measures ranging from effective watermarking technologies to enforcement of laws.

The 2019 MENA Anti-Piracy Conference hosted by BroadcastPro ME and SatellitePro ME brings together legal, technical, regulatory and community stakeholders to work towards a piracy-free environment for the MENA region.

Building on a successful inaugural edition in 2018, the second edition will be more ambitious in the scale of issues covered by a stellar panel of speakers representing international social media platforms, technology solutions providers, the legal fraternity and enforcement authorities, among others.

Innovate and Combat Piracy

Learn about the latest threats to content and protecting IP during production and pre-release to keep your revenue in-house. Learn about new remedies post-release. Discover new and advanced technologies. Monetise the impact of regulations and case law and revamp your internal compliance programme.

Fight Piracy In MENA

Draw first-hand lessons from crackdowns by government teams in partnership with broadcasters and the MENA Anti-piracy Coalition, that have resulted in hefty fines and deportation orders. Understand the challenges in monitoring the use of illegal cable networks and hybrid decoders and keep pace with the savvy pirate.

Educate the Consumer

Piracy is not a victimless crime. With research showing that 59% of viewers in Egypt and 53% in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) admitting to watching pirated video, consumer attitudes across the region is troubling. Learn how the industry and regulators are innovating to educate the consumer on the menace of piracy.

Key themes and topics that will be discussed

23 Apr 2019 - Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai, UAE
  • The cost and impact of piracy on pay-TV, OTT platforms and content rights holders

  • Live sports and piracy: The value of disruption

  • Understanding and combating digital piracy

  • Advertising and piracy: Disrupting the eco-system for pirates

  • The key causes of piracy in the MENA region including the diverse audience demographic

  • Enforcement and legal experts weigh in on the challenges and opportunities

  • Anti-piracy initiatives undertaken by satellite operators, telcos and other providers

  • Technology solutions to ensure 360-degree protection

  • MENA success stories including initiatives towards educating viewers and curtailing pirates

2019 Speakers

The panel speakers for the 2019 BroadcastPro ME Anti-Piracy conference are among the leading technology experts, legal minds and thought leaders working to combat piracy. From identifying and targeting potential piracy threats using regulation in conjunction with risk mitigation tactics to tackle piracy head-on, our speakers are the most authoritative and knowledgeable on this sensitive issue of piracy.

Our indepth presentations and debates will help you monitor and detect illegal streams of your content and sketch the necessary multi-pronged approach, technical, legal and social, that is needed to combat the piracy menace.

2018 Speakers

Senior Director Global Anti-Piracy, Discovery, Inc

Nicki Schroeder

VP Product Management, Irdeto

Frank Poppelsdorf

Partner / Head of IP, Gowling WLG

Jon Parker

Founder and Managing Partner, Naik Naik & Company

Ameet Naik

Territory Head – (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey), Zee Network

Manoj Abraham Mathew

Senior Counsel, Rotana Media Group

Walid Abdel Mohsen

Senior Legal Counsel, OSN

Aditya Verma

VP and Head of Middle East and North Africa, YuppTV

Zahra Zayat

Director – Platform & Content Security, OSN

Dr. Guillaume Forbin

Founder, Deleel TV

Robert Lakos

Digital Planning Manager, MBC Group

Farah Ramadan

CEO, DigiSay

Ahmed Abbas

CTO, Rotana Media Group

Dr. Naser Mourad Refaat

Managing Director & CTO, U-TO Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Sumit Suri

More speakers to be confirmed

Director of Media Partnerships Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Facebook

Fares Akkad



Coffee and Networking



Welcome speech


Vijaya Cherian, Editorial Director, BroadcastPro Middle East


Keynote Panel: Assessing the impact of piracy on MENA stakeholders

10:00AM - 11:00AM

  • How has piracy impacted your content or marketing/business strategy? How have you had to revisit your business model because of piracy?
  • What % of viewership do you consider leakage of your total reach?
  • How do you quantify and put together KPIs about piracy in your business?
  • As MENA countries shift to digital, how can operators re-think their device strategy and business models to reach more consumers with less cost and hassle?
  • How can the industry come together to combat illegal streaming services and the overall piracy issue?

Moderator: Robert Lakos, Founder, Deleel TV

Confirmed panelists:

  • Ahmed Abbas, CEO, DigiSay
  • Farah Ramadan, Digital Planning Manager, MBC Group
  • Manoj Abraham Mathew, Territory Head – (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey), Zee Network
  • Frank Poppelsdorf, VP Product Management, Irdeto
  • Zahra Zayat – Vice President MENA – YuppTV Inc.

Short break

11:00AM - 11:15AM


Fighting Back: Using technology to shield media assets

11:15AM - 12:00PM

  • Infrastructures, platforms used to build your technology to fight piracy
  • How much of the detected piracy have you managed to contain with your tech setup?
  • How do you balance security and cost? What are the top technical decisions operators can make that could enable growth and futureproof the STB when their teams and resources are limited? Android TV security: What are the top security threats on open platforms and how can operators protect their STBs and consumers from them?
  • Vulnerabilities of common TEE implementations: Why is TEE suitable for DRM but not CA? What does this mean when operators consider deploying cardless CA or explore embedded CA in TVs?
  • What is an ideal tech infrastructure to completely contain piracy and is there such a model? Could building layers of security along the same idea as bitcoin help to make it a lot more difficult to pirate content?

Moderator: Ahmed Abbas, CEO, DigiSay

Confirmed panelists:

  • Dr Guillaume Forbin, Director – Platform and Content Security at OSN
  • Dr. Naser Refaat, CTO, Rotana Media Group
  • Frank Poppelsdorf, VP Product Management, Irdeto
  • Sumit Suri, Managing Director & CTO, U-TO Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

Coffee break

12:00PM - 12:15PM


Legal Panel
The Rule Book: Combating piracy with legal experts

12:15PM - 1:15PM

  • How do we implement effective technologies to identify and trace illegal distribution of content as well as prune the web for pirated content?
  • Should stakeholders redefine their business models to render piracy ineffective and wean users away from pirated content?
  • Are there any non-legal strategies which may be adopted by stakeholders (e.g. gathering data on pirate streaming sites, cyberlockers and usenet platforms) which are especially effective in combating digital piracy?
  • The most effective legal tools to combat anti-piracy (MEA and India viewpoints)
  • Are the laws keeping apace with technology at the disposal of the pirates? What changes should be made?
  • How can rights holders work together in legal disputes in jointly combating anti-piracy?
  • Can governments assist, such as through the TRA? Also, would a collecting society assist in the UAE in the fight against illegal streams?
  • If the streams are coming from jurisdictions outside the MEA & India, what legal steps can be taken? How can rights holder improve their position?
  • What developments in the battle against piracy have you seen in the past 12 months?
  • What are your key take home points for combating piracy?

Moderator: Jon Parker, Partner / Head of IP, Gowling WLG

Confirmed panelists:

  • Aditya Verma, Senior Legal Counsel, OSN
  • Ameet Naik, Founder and Managing Partner, Naik Naik & Company
  • Nicki Schroeder, Senior Director Global Anti-Piracy, Discovery, Inc
  • Walid Abdel Mohsen, Senior Legal Counsel, Rotana Media Group



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